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Dr. Chip Taylor, professor emeritus of ecology at University of Kansas, says the drop in Monarch butterflies numbers show how humans are affecting the..
After the famed Ice Bucket Challenge raised millions for ALS research in 2014, one family has stepped in to turn that research into a cure through the..
Undocumented immigrant Jorge Garcia and his family today spoke out on “The View” about his deportation to Mexico this week after living in the United ..
In most cases, if your boyfriend is texting an ex, things aren’t looking so good! As we reported earlier, Selena Gomez, 25, found herself in a weird s..
Around 3 a.m. Tuesday, Gower woke up to the sound of rain thundering on the roof of her home on East Valley Road. She walked downstairs, where her boy..
Dear Ms. Hax: I’m a two-time, currently Stage IV-----cancer survivor. When I was told I needed a double mastectomy, I did the research and decided to ..
Naya Rivera will not be prosecuted for allegedly attacking her estranged husband. The former 'Glee' star was arrested over Thanksgiving weekend in Che..
The NFL’s package of Thursday night games isn’t going away. Instead, it might be turning up on a broadcast network that got out of football after domi..
Online shopping sales hit a record $108.2 billion this holiday season, a 14.7 percent increase from last year, according to Adobe Analytics The Nation..
Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson continued to spark romance rumors on Sunday when they were photographed enjoying a day at the-----in Malibu, Calif.  T..
The 14-year-old was walking home from Seven-Eleven with his friends when a burst of gunfire sent the boys scrambling for cover. When it was over, Stev..
Turns out a true Big Baller sticks to his word. LaVar Ball actually did come through, and sent Donald Trump a pair of Big Baller Brand Z02 Prime Remix..
The Glee alum, 31, attended the 2018 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena, California, to promote the new YouTube show Step Up..
An immaculately acted new American play in the Eisenhower Theater? Really? Yup, really. The Kennedy Center interrupts its regular program — which thes..
Around 3 a.m. Tuesday, Gower woke up to the sound of rain thundering on the roof of her home on East Valley Road. She walked downstairs, where her boy..
Naya Rivera is all smiles as she speaks on stage at the 2018 Winter TCA Press Tour on Saturday (January 13) at The Langham Huntington in Pasadena, Cal..
We all have our personality flaws. Here's some astrological tips to get a better perspective of who you are. Buzz60's Djenane Beaulieu (@djenanebeauli..
Cal coach Lindsay Gottlieb holds her son Jordan, who gets a lot of attention from players and staff members at practices, including assistant coach Ka..
We wand to turn to a major headline in Hollywood. Superstar Mark Wahlberg, the actor under fire over that staggering pay gap with co-star Michelle Wil..
Ron Sandlin has tried everything. He has boosted pay, added vacation days and even lowered the minimum age requirement from 25 to 23. But he still can..
On Saturday, Mark Wahlberg announced via Twitter that he will donate the $1.5 million salary he earned reshooting scenes from “All the Money in the Wo..
Around 3 a.m. Tuesday, Gower woke up to the sound of rain thundering on the roof of her home on East Valley Road. She walked downstairs, where her boy..
“The Prodigal Daughter Returns,” season six, episode nine, originally aired 11/15/2005 Honestly, as I critique things, I try to put myself in the crea..
Mark Wahlberg is donating his $1.5 million reshoot fee for 'All The Money in the World' to Time's Up. There was a public outcry when it was revealed t..
Washington State forward Robert Franks during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game, Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Kyus..
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Vincent Edwards scored 25 points in 29 minutes on 9-for-14 shooting for fifth-ranked Purdue, and the Boilermakers easily beat under..
Mark Wahlberg announced on Saturday that he plans to donate the $1.5 million he received for All The Money in The World reshoots to Time’s Up, a legal..
BREAKING: Mark Wahlberg has announced that he will donate in Michelle Williams’ name the $1.5 million in money he received for All The Money In The Wo..
St. Charles East and St. Charles North, two high school teams in Illinois ended their rivalry match with a wild buzzer beater. With 3.3 seconds left, ..
Peter Fleurat and his partner, Lalo Barajas, wanted to ride out the storm together. Their house on Hot Springs Road in Montecito was in a voluntary ev..
SALINAS, Calif. (AP) — Prosecutors in court said a hungry child stealing a bagel may have triggered a Northern California couple to severely assault h..
The net worth of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has continued to climb. Bezos's latest net worth surpassed the $105 billion mark, higher than Bill Gates's ..
Finally, some good news for the nation’s retailers: Americans spent more than expected this holiday season, fueling the strongest growth in holiday re..
We are back with those new details and a report about mark Wahlberg's demands to reshoot that film "All the money in the world" raising questions abou..
(Newser) – The massive pay gap between co-stars for the All the Money in the World reshoot came after Mark Wahlberg and his agent played hardball with..
Taraji P. Henson's boyfriend Kelvin Hayden tries to persuade her to workout with him. The 'Empire' actress recently confirmed she is in a relationship..
The actors union SAG-AFTRA has responded to a report that Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for the reshoot of "All the Money in the World," while h..
Sean McAuliffe doesn't have much background in investing, aside from a couple of retirement accounts. But over the Thanksgiving holiday, as the price ..
Following this week’s announcement of the BAFTA nominations, the Director’s Guild of America is next in line to reveal their nominations for the best ..
Drew Barrymore has become a ''crazy cat lady'' after adopting three kittens. The 'Miss You Already' star took to Instagram to reveal she had taken on ..
Michelle Williams' daughter encouraged her to reshoot scenes for 'All The Money In The World'. The 37-year-old actress was disappointed to learn about..
The more astronomers study the heavens, the more they realize: our solar system is weird. "There are a few things that make the solar system kind of s..
Like an army of hapless humans facing down a fire-breathing dragon, the rest of TV was no match for Game of Thrones in this year’s Directors Guild nom..
The Directors Guild has put the TV nominees for its 70th annual DGA Awards into action, with a mix of new and veteran shows vying for the top honors. ..
HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has nabbed no less than three nominations for the Directors Guild Awards. Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Amazon’s “The Marve..
The impressive cinematic feat of Ridley Scott’s “All the Money in the World” has been undercut yet again by reports that Mark Wahlberg earned a whole ..
A dangerous flu has been spreading rapidly across the U.S., escalating flu season earlier than usual, and to near-epidemic levels, according to the CD..
Celebrities have reacted with anger to new reports that Michelle Williams was paid the tiniest of fractions of what her co-star Mark Wahlberg received..
Wes Anderson , at home on the Little League baseball field, talks about his newest movie. 11/25/98 HOUCHRON CAPTION (01/31/1999): Wes Anderson enjoyed..
The operator of a new carriage service in Bandera was killed Monday afternoon when an SUV crashed into her horse-drawn vehicle just outside town, the ..