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They came by themselves or in groups — with friends, parents and sometimes small children. Across the United States, thousands of demonstrators expres..

Family-friendly calendar: Jan. 26-28

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What do you do when it's about 10 degrees outside? For Jordan Vickers and Benjamin Schott, you grab your kayak and paddle off a dam on the Browns Rive..
Jessica Chastain, 40, just hosted a game show called What Even Matters Anymore on SNL that takes some serious shots at how much President Donald Trump..
A new study revealed that a baby crawling on the floor can inhale into their lungs dirt that is four times as much as what adults would when walking a..
Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University have come up with a blood test that can apparently detect eight common types of cancer. They aim to releas..
A government shutdown is impending if the White House and Congress fails to reach a deal on a new budget by midnight Friday. This situation threatens ..
Devilman Crybaby has had major critical success since it first premiered on Netflix, and fans have been dissecting more and more of it as the weeks ro..
DNA testing reveals that the 'two brothers' mummies on display at Manchester Museum actually have different fathers. Is this proof of an ancient scand..
Documentary mavens Fisher Stevens and Ross Kauffman have teamed for a feature-length film “Taken By the Tiger,” about the fast-shrinking population of..
Several weeks after wildfires blackened nearly 500 square miles in Southern California, a large winter storm rolled in from the Pacific. In most place..
Jeffrey Blitz’s 2002 spelling-bee documentary “Spellbound” continues to cast a long shadow over contemporary nonfiction cinema, with Laura Nix’s “Inve..
Yesterday, Democrats in the U.S. Senate which, along with the House of Representatives, form the two chambers of Congress, which are one of the three ..
Krypton is often depicted as either a lavish, ornate world at the pinnacle of its opulence, or as a utilitarian utopia. But rarely, if ever, is it con..
Instead of focusing on much more important issues like the opioid crisis and the steady dismantling of American civil rights, Jeff Sessions has turned..
After nearly a year, venture capitalists nabbed their first U.S. acquisition for more than a billion dollars. And it wasn’t a tech startup. Nor was it..
A Jewish woman who was one of the few Italian children to survive deportation to a Nazi death camp has been made a senator-for-life in Italy. Presiden..
Electric cars were supposed to be the future – or at least look like it. So now they’re here, why do they still look like ordinary petrol and diesel c..
The military intervention looked imminent. West African troops were poised to push into Gambia as Yahya Jammeh, the tiny nation's leader for more than..
Pope Francis accused victims of Chile's most notorious pedophile of slander Thursday, an astonishing end to a visit meant to help heal the wounds of a..
FILE - In this Sept. 13, 2017, file photo, workers are shown at San Jacinto River Waste Pits near the Interstate 10 bridge over the river in Channelvi..
Diversity is good for business — not just from the ethical standpoint, but from the perspective of a company’s bottom line, according to McKinsey & Co..
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said he's still "technically an employee" after four decades. Wozniak joked that since he reported to Steve Jobs, he ca..
The fireball that streaked through the Michigan sky put on quite a show but as far as potentially killer space rocks, it was merely a flash in the pan..
The current flu epidemic wreaking havoc across the nation was in part fanned by so many people spreading germs while traveling over the holidays, acco..
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, NASA and others are developing technologies that would extend the life of the critical infrastructure i..
By Andy Coghlan Some deep breaths could soon treat heart failure – the deterioration of the heart following a heart attack – thanks to an inhalable sp..
(a) A schematic image of DFB Si laser; Inset: photograph of a fabricated DFB device. (b) Emission spectra of the Si laser as a function of pump power;..
The aerosol indirect effect (AIE) can significantly affect climate change and is one of the largest uncertainties in climate change studies. To date, ..
A scientist at the University of Córdoba, working with an international research team, has created a new porous single-crystal material that could hav..
Looking for a college that will give you a good return on your investment? You can't do better than Stanford University, according to Princeton Review..
The descriptions are haunting. Some victims felt fine in the morning and were dead by night. Faces turned blue as patients coughed up blood. Stacked b..
Representatives from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter faced lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to give testimony about extremist content on their pla..
TECH GIANTS TESTIFY ON FIGHT AGAINST EXTREMISTS: Representatives from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter testified before lawmakers on Capitol Hill Wednesd..
The country that put the starch in “stiff upper lip” has made companionship, conversation and human contact a national priority. On Wednesday, British..
Health experts have an intriguing suggestion for reducing opioid overdoses and deaths — asking doctors to prescribe bigger doses of the powerful paink..
Although neuroscientists have a general idea of what parts of the brain do what, catching them in the act is a difficult proposition. But UC Berkeley ..
James Joyce’s “Ulysses” — sections of which first began to appear 100 years ago — immerses the reader in the sights, sounds and smells of early 20th-c..
A century after one of history’s worst disease outbreaks, scientists are rethinking how to guard against another super-flu like the 1918 global influe..
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Twitter may notify users whether they were exposed to content generated by a suspected Russian propaganda service, a company ex..
After nearly four decades of rising body weights in the United States and across the world, medical experts are still casting about for the best way t..
A team of Chinese, American and Belgian scientists have unearthed a 161-million-year-old dinosaur fossil showing that the animal may have had vibrant,..
Bariatric surgery has become the medical profession’s go-to solution for meaningful weight loss, and new research shows why: It saves lives. In a retr..
A high-salt diet may spell trouble for the brain — and for mental performance — even if it doesn’t push blood pressure into dangerous territory, new r..
Minneapolis is the northernmost city to host a Super Bowl. Tourism officials are making the most of that as they prepare to welcome visitors to the "B..
Apple on Wednesday made a slew of announcements about its investment in and contribution to the U.S. economy in part because of the new tax law. The h..
China is expected to have the world’s largest cosmetics market in a few years, but some companies have avoided selling beauty products there. That’s b..
The descriptions are haunting. Some victims felt fine in the morning and were dead by night. Faces turned blue as patients coughed up blood. Stacked b..
The majority of members of the National Parks System Advisory Board, which advises the federal government on management of the country's national park..
[The stream is slated to start at 10:30 p.m., ET. Please refresh the page if you do not see a player above at that time.] Representatives from Google,..
Facebook, Google and Twitter told Congress Wednesday they've gone beyond screening and removing extremist content from their services and are creating..