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With Miley Cyrus slamming ‘baby bump’ rumors as ‘rude,’ it seems like she doesn’t want kids. Actually, as we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned, Miley’s totally r..
It seems strange to think about, but sometimes even The Rock has trouble getting a reaction from people. Maybe this is just the bleak life that Dwayne..
OK Go videos are an under-appreciated American resource. (No wonder the previous administration was so sweet on these guys.) Arriving in time for the ..
OK Go have released their new music video for their catchy track “Obsession,” and it’s definitely colorful! The creative rock band dropped the video o..
Chris Stapleton might be the hardest-working man in country with the pending release of his second album in one year, From A Room: Volume 2. Of course..
Killington has announced it expects to ink the deal to host the World Cup again in 2017 and 2018. In 2016, 30,000 spectators flocked to the Vermont re..
Since 2008, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and a handful of other states have experienced unprecedented surges of earthquakes. Oklahoma’s rate increased from..
My colleague Clover Hope and I thought it might be fun to check out this year’s crop of new Christmas albums, which is sort of like thinking a root ca..
Like Tom Petty, I believe music is holy. So, naturally, I can’t trust the whims of a broadband network to send invisible streams of melodic data to my..
As we get closer to December, the weather is starting to get chilly, which means you’ll want to spend plenty of time at home on your couch curled unde..
RENO, Nev. (AP) — Lindsay Weiss once lost her cellphone and got it back, so she and a friend knew what they had to do when they discovered a camera du..
The sign pictured above was easy enough to miss, being nondescript and DIY befitting one of the city's most beloved bands. But there it was just the s..
Fish & chips at Giovanni's Bistro? Poached pear salad? Cast iron-seared organic chicken with Brussels sprouts? Despite its name, the restaurant is far..
Gunstar Heroes is side-scrolling shooting sublimated, chaos synchronized into a bullet symphony that makes the game feel very addictive. Created by Tr..
Imagine Dragons’ “Evolve” isn’t just the year’s top-selling rock album: Driven by the songs “Believer” — No. 10 on the BuzzAngle Top 30 — and “Thunder..
For two years, Frank Ourada has been "supporting our troops" -- more literally than most. He has connected soldiers and veterans with food pantries, t..
Then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) questions law professor Anita Hill during a confirmation hearing on the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Cour..
Selena Gomez‘s hair stylist is sharing tons of insider secrets about her latest color transformation! PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Selena Gome..
Retail giant Amazon has a rather mixed reputation among progressives, to say the least. There are ongoing debates about its labor practices and its ru..
The holidays are a time for family, and for escaping family time for a good ol' Netflix break. Use the time off to mercifully catch up on peak TV and ..
Noel Gallagher is going to give his Jaguar 1967 Mark II car to one of his three children once he decides which one is ''most worthy''. The 50-year-old..
ST. PAUL — High-speed internet access will soon be available to an additional 1,195 households and 260 businesses in southeast Minnesota thanks to gra..
One of the interesting side effects of covering news is, occasionally you find yourself in the middle of some news, surrounded by the famous or infamo..
Sterling Haukom of Second Story performs Saturday night at Rochester's Local Music Showdown at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds in Rochester. Five bands..
Jack Black pooped in a field while filming 'Nacho Libre' - and the whole cast and crew were watching. The 48-year-old actor starred as the titular cha..
While most of us threw on our comfiest leggings to spend the day feasting, supermodels apparently had very different Thanksgiving day plans. Models in..
We all have a movie that we consider to be “ours.” Whether it be the one that our family showed us as kids, the one we saw on a dark stormy night at a..
It may be a short week, but awe-inducing style was still in heavy supply.  The stars dressed to the nines for red carpets and film screenings, inspiri..
Listen To This Eddie is a weekly column that examines the important people and events in the classic rock canon and how they continue to impact the wo..
The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade produ..
I’ve been railing against phone makers doing away with 3.5mm headphone jacks for a while now, for a number of reasons including not being able to use ..
Dmitri Hvorostovsky, the Russian baritone known for his velvety voice, dashing looks and shock of flowing white hair, died Wednesday at a hospice near..
RENO, Nev. (AP) — Lindsay Weiss once lost her cellphone and got it back, so she and a friend knew what they had to do when they discovered a camera un..
A box full of diamonds, volcanic rock from Mount Vesuvius, and the geology guide that Darwin packed for his epic voyage on the Beagle will go on displ..
• The Lourdes Math Team won their first meet of the Hiawatha division of the Minnesota High School Math League. Some members of the team include Molly..
We can all appreciate the myriad deals and savings that come during Black Friday season, but the sheer number of discounts can feel a bit overwhelming..
LANDOVER, Md. — The NFL rarely plays out as expected, but the Giants and Redskins managed to deliver the anticipated on this Thanksgiving night. It’s ..
Thanksgiving didn’t go unnoticed this year in the MMA world. While some ate a good amount of food and spent time with their friends and family, others..
Tommy Keene, a veteran singer-songwriter of the new wave and power-pop eras best known for his 1984 alternative-radio hit “Places That Are Gone,” died..
The I-League 2017/18 kicks off on Saturday and as ten teams prepare for a new season of football extravaganza, Goal takes a look at the strengths and ..
• Minnesota's corn harvest is nearly three-fourths complete and progress is slow but steady. The normal harvest figure for this time of year is 99 per..
Given the nonstop turmoil of the past 11 months — from political upheaval to accusations of-----harassment to gun violence to natural disasters — perh..
Rebecca Bendick would like you to not panic. The University of Montana geophysicist knows you may have read the articles warning about "swarms of deva..
Super Mario Galaxy 2’s gameplay is superb, having some of the most creative level design I’ve experienced. Discovering the new rules and parameters of..
Since its creation more than half a century ago, OPEC has been the textbook case of a successful cartel. The 14-member club of crude exporters, which ..
How good is Duskbreaker, the new Priest class dragon from Hearthstone's Kobolds & Catacombs expansion which was this week? Several high-profile player..
Liam Gallagher claims he is ''fitter'' than his brother Noel's wife. The 45-year-old rocker has lashed out at his older sibling - who has 17-year-old ..
The indigenous-led force against the Dakota Access Pipeline drew nationwide attention last year in part for its powerful visuals of protestors and com..
Food is such an important part of our lives, so I’m always curious about its portrayal in games, especially the stranger dishes. I’ve had a lot of str..
Hey internet, Miley Cyrus hears you and she’s addressing the pregnancy speculation surrounding her ‘bump’ photo! And, a friend gushes to HollywoodLife..