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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The campaign of Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for U.S. senator in Alabama who has been accused of-----misconduct, appeale..
In its latest cold open, “Saturday Night Live” took on the recent string of high-profile sexual-misconduct scandals, featuring a parade of children — ..
NBC “Sunday Night Football” announcers Mike Tirico, left, Chris Collinsworth, center, and Al Michaels rehearse before a game Nov. 26. (Keith Srakocic/..
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The campaign of Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for U.S. senator in Alabama who has been accused of-----misconduct, appeale..
What a sorry mess the industry’s in Regarding “How Do You Apologize?” [Dec. 2]: A good, well-researched article. A perfect companion piece would be th..
Singer Melanie Martinez is doubling down on her denial of the recent-----assault allegations leveled against her by a former friend. “I understand how..
With Matt Lauer’s numerous-----harassment allegations playing havoc on his family, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned he and his wife, Annette Roque, are worki..
James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live and helped the sketch comedy series continue to tackle the growing-----harassment allegations that have made h..
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said on Sunday she believes any woman who has felt violated or mistreated by a man has every right ..
Alec Baldwin didn't reprise his role as President Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, but that doesn't mean that the show steered clea..
Remember all those minutes ago when Saturday Night Live stood accused of ignoring Hollywood’s-----harassment scandals and crimes? Now the phrase “maki..
Despite being overstuffed with Christmas sketches, there were few gifts to be found during this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. James Franco returned t..
(Newser) – It's that time of the year to determine who's been naughty and who's been nice, and Saturday Night Live jumped in with its two cents on the..
On Wednesday’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee addressed the daily, incessant, eye-opening revelations about powerful male media figures being all manner o..
On Wednesday night, Fox News made a rather shocking defense of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN). She explained that Democrats “only have two paths” if they want..
Taylor Swift's inclusion on Time magazine's "Person Of The Year" #MeToo cover has come under a lot of criticism. Is it warranted? Also, is she getting..
FAIRHOPE, Alabama — In one week, Alabama Republicans would learn whether Roy Moore, their embattled nominee for Senate, could overcome allegations of-..
Women who say they were-----harassed or mistreated by powerful men in television news have banded together to form a support network aimed at changing..
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office has reportedly obtained audiotapes from 1993 on which Corey Feldman names the individuals whom he alleges ab..
Matt Lauer is fearing the worst following his firing from NBC. A source close to him EXCLUSIVELY told he’s afraid that his wife Anne..
Democratic patience with Sen. Al Franken evaporated Wednesday in the wake of a new accusation of-----misconduct against him, and in an uprising led by..
Matt Lauer and Annette Roque have removed their wedding rings. One week after Lauer was fired from NBC News over inappropriate-----behavior, the forme..
AP file photo Actress Ashley Judd attends the Women's Media Center 2017 Women's Media Awards on Oct. 26 at Capitale in New York. Judd is one of severa..
It doesn't help that his personal life is going up in flames at the same time! Matt Lauer is not having an easy time after being fired from Today for-..
Women who say they were-----harassed or mistreated by powerful men in television news have banded together to form a support network aimed at changing..
Matt Lauer hit up a Long Island deli late Wednesday morning ... the same deli his wife hit up hours earlier. Matt walked out of the Jimmy Jims Deli wi..
Matt Lauer has issued an apology following his termination at Today over claims of-----misconduct. The longtime NBC News journalist released a stateme..
Matt Lauer’s wife Annette Roque was spotted for the first time without her wedding ring! Her father said she’s planning on divorcing the disgraced TV ..
With the Matt Lauer-----misconduct controversy hanging over its head, NBC is moving forward with its plans to feature Mike Tirico as lead host for 201..
Earlier this week, we joked that Donald Trump, while pleased with making the shortlist for Time’s Person Of The Year, would probably be , Colin Kaeper..
As star anchors Lauer and Charlie Rose exit amid harassment claims, female hosts take the spotlight, CBS' Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell push to ancho..
Time magazine Wednesday morning named its Person Of The Year, paying tribute to the movement started a couple months ago when mad-as-hell members of m..
We are SO about this decision. Related: Beyoncé Makes A Surprise Appearance To Honor Colin Kaepernick In case you missed it, following the explosive e..
If you’ve been in the workplace more than 10 years, you’ve received a compliment from the opposite sex. Whether that compliment was harmless, or a sou..
NEW YORK (AP) — The "Silence Breakers" — those who have shared their stories about-----assault and harassment — have been named Time magazine's Person..
The network is sticking with its Bob Costas replacement, who was suspended at ESPN in the early 1990s: "Mike has repeatedly assured us that this behav..
Lawyers for President Donald Trump argued on Tuesday that a defamation lawsuit filed by a former contestant on his reality TV show "The Apprentice" wh..
NEW YORK -- The "silence breakers" who spoke out and ignited the anti-harassment #MeToo movement have been named Time magazine's Person of the Year. I..
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Time magazine has named the social movement aimed at raising awareness about-----harassment and assault, epitomized by the #MeT..
When the news on Harvey Weinstein first broke, like much of the world, I was thoroughly disgusted. But I went on with my day without thinking much abo..
While surely a week NBC wouldn't want to repeat, Matt Lauer's firing lured viewers to the "Today" show. The NBC morning show beat ABC "Good Morning Am..
The guilty plea of Michael Flynn, shown here at a press briefing on Feb. 1, for lying to the FBI signals that the former National Security Adviser is ..
A week after NBC fired Matt Lauer, the ousted anchor is still reeling. “He is weak and broken and ashamed by his own admission,” one of Lauer’s former..
Matt Lauer's ousting has actually done the Today show good. As you surely know, the seasoned newsman was fired from NBC News after allegations of-----..
The studio audience didn’t quite know how to respond to Bush, possibly because no one quite seems to know what to make of him, or of this sudden media..
Not only is Matt Lauer ashamed of his own past, but he’s embarrassed for his 3 kids too! We exclusively learned Matt hates what he’s putting them thro..
Billy Bush expressed shame, repentance and a little bit of outrage Monday on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” where the fallen “Today” show host ..
Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) said he was retiring on Dec. 5, after facing multiple-----harassment allegations spanning two decades. He endorsed his..
He's ready to tell his side of the story. Billy Bush opened up for the first time about that now infamous "grab them by the p*ssy" Access Hollywood ta..
The spread of-----allegations in Hollywood may be extending to Prince Phillip, of the classic tale Sleeping Beauty. One English mother wants to put th..