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Bullied Knoxville, Tennessee student Keaton Jones broke hearts in a viral video his mother posted of him talking about how kids at school bully him an..
Favor I'm David Caplan and this is real lives I'm here with TV film critic Candice Frederick. 530 eight's wall picking K well and ABC news reporter Ke..
Star Wars and yeah but this is like Waltz territory we don't think leave right now in the that talk on camera by itself but our Star Wars the last jet..
Good morning, America. Gotta love Daisy Ridley. If your little girls are aspiring to be somebody. Dadely Ridley. The world premier of "The last jedi" ..
For the third year in a row, Disney delivered a theme park world premiere for their third Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. Two years ago they took over..
He and wife Sofia Vergara walked the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Saturday. Later that night, she wore his gray..
One of the most endearing things about the resurgent movie juggernaut that is the Star Wars series is the re-entry into the public eye of the once and..
Rian Johnson looks set to enjoy huge success with his upcoming 'Star Wars' movie, 'The Last Jedi'. Critics have been taking to their social media acco..
There were cheers, gasps, droid photo opportunities, casino games and more than a few standing ovations at the jam-packed world premiere of "Star Wars..
The Force took over the Shrine Auditorium near downtown Los Angeles, as stars and filmmakers of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” came together Saturday nigh..
LOS ANGELES (AP) — There were cheers, gasps, droid photo opportunities, casino games and more than a few standing ovations at the jam-packed world pre..
LOS ANGELES -- There were cheers, gasps, droid photo opportunities, casino games and more than a few standing ovations at the jam-packed world premier..
The release of The Force Awakens brought with it not only familiar but compelling new characters as well. When crafting the continuation of that story..
When Star Wars debuted in 1977, audiences were introduced to the concept of "The Force," a power which could not only allow someone to control objects..
Mark Hamill ''regrets'' not spending more time with Billie Lourd when she was a child. The 66-year-old actor considers Billie - who is the daughter of..
"Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi" will debut in theaters Dec. 14, but until then, we're stuck trying to discern its plot twists by analyzing t..
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - As “Star Wars” fans gear up for “The Last Jedi,” the anticipated next installment in the Skywalker series, its star and writer..
The name of the latest TV spot for the new Star Wars film contains a few new scenes, including a humorous new shot in the Millennium Falcon. A brand n..
Momentum has building in the campaign for Sebastian Stan to play a younger version of Luke Skywalker in a Star Wars movie. The Marvel Studios star "of..
After the the heartbreaking demise of a fan-favorite character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans have been embracing for tragedy in the next film...
It's hard to imagine that anyone is on the fence about seeing the new Star Wars movie. But if you are, Daisy Ridley has some compelling reasons to get..
Many mysteries dominate the new Star Wars trilogy, from the mystery of Supreme Leader Snoke, what Luke Skywalker is doing on Ahch-To, to the identity ..
Every single ‘Star Wars’ fan wants to know the identity of Rey’s parents. Is Luke her father? Is she a Kenobi? With ‘The Last Jedi’ coming out very so..
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Han Solo is dead. Luke Skywalker is back, but changed. And Leia Organa's story will soon be coming to an end. The Star Wars that in..
The cast and creators of Star Wars: The Last Jedi had a whole lot to say in our new cover story – from writer/director Rian Johnson's revelation that ..
LOS ANGELES — Han Solo is dead. Luke Skywalker is back, but changed. And Leia Organa’s story will soon be coming to an end. The Star Wars that inspire..
In her feature film debut, Daisy Ridley portrayed the newest great warrior in the Star Wars universe. But for all of her strengths, Rey still has some..
Luke Skywalker is one of the most iconic heroes in all of cinema history, but his appearance in The Last Jedi hints that he's experienced quite a bit ..
A new commercial from Verizon Wireless offers the first glimpse of BB-8 and BB-9E in a showdown on board a First Order Star Destroyer, teasing a battl..
New Star Wars director Rian Johnson has provided steady updates of his film's progress with his own personal photographs. During a Facebook Live inter..
Many actors do a lot for their fans, recognizing their passions as a credit to success. But few have gone above and beyond like Mark Hamill. The Star ..
Remember that time Luke Skywalker got so cold on Hoth he had to carve out that poor Tauntaun’s guts and sleep inside its carcass just to stay warm. We..
EXCLUSIVE! by Elyse Dupre | Tue., Dec. 5, 2017 12:38 PM Don't expect Domhnall Gleeson to spoil any Star Wars: The Last Jedi secrets, especially those ..
In this edition of Star Wars Bits: Ever wondered what happened to Two Tubes and his partisan rebels after Rogue One? If the answer is yes, then this r..
Star Wars: The Last Jedi may be coming out Dec. 15, but let the real Luke Skywalker bring you to tears right now. Screenwriter Ed Solomon shared a sto..
There's now just over a week to go until the latest instalment in the episodic 'Star Wars' series hits the big screen, coming to fans in the form of '..
Luke Skywalker is clearly in a rough place going into The Last Jedi. His new Jedi Order is gone. His nephew has fallen to the Dark Side. He doesn’t kn..
Last year Columbia released a line of limited edition winter jackets inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They were limited edition pieces that d..
On the ice planet of Hoth from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the only way to keep warm when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere is to cut o..
Rian Johnson was ''actively encouraged'' to find a story that was ''personal'' to him for 'The Last Jedi' by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy. The..
While there are plenty of amazing mentors in the Star Wars galaxy, few characters have had the benefit of learning from both Luke Skywalker AND Han So..
It's been almost a year since the "Star Wars" community lost Carrie Fisher at 60 years old. But with Fisher reprising her role as Leia one last time i..
Hamill spoke with me at a recent media event for the new Star Wars movie, when he revealed how much trouble he got in with Disney when he spilled the ..
Last December, Columbia released a collection of winter jackets based on the costumes in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They were all only available in..
With less than two weeks until Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres in theaters, many fans are looking forward to seeing their favorite characters toget..
With less than two weeks to go until it hits theaters, the potential for spoilers related to The Last Jedi is at an all-time high, with a barrage of m..
Sorry, J.J. Abrams. When it comes to the new era of Star Wars movies, there’s Rian Johnson, and then there’s everybody else. Abrams may have kicked th..
Yesterday, I attended the Hollywood junket for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Look out for a bunch of additional coverage over the next two weeks, but for ..
Dhani Harrison tried to send his Luke Skywalker toy up into space. The 39-year-old singer/songwriter - whose father was late Beatles legend George Har..
Supreme Leader Snoke may not be a Sith Lord, but he is more powerful than two of Star Wars‘ most infamous Sith Lords: the Emperor and Darth Vader. Tha..