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The wave of Hollywood-----misconduct scandals has put-----addiction in the spotlight —along with the treatment programs that address it. Following acc..
Widespread-----misconduct is no longer Hollywood's darkest secret. The multiple women who came forward with allegations of abuse against Harvey Weinst..
It’s no wonder there’s a cone of silence around-----harassment and assault. Women who speak up get devoured, discredited and ostracized by a toxic, mi..
It's how parents often encourage children to show they're grateful and appreciative. When a child unwraps a Christmas gift: "Hug your uncle and say 't..
FILE - In this Jan. 8, 2017, file photo, Harvey Weinstein arrives at The Weinstein Company and Netflix Golden Globes afterparty in Beverly Hills, Cali..
MONTCLAIR -- Pinegrove, the popular indie-rock band from Montclair, announced Tuesday it has canceled its upcoming nationwide tour following an accusa..
For more than 20 years, young women at Pixar Animation Studios have been warned about the behavior of John Lasseter, who just disclosed that he is tak..
In a new-----misconduct scandal that could shake the economics of Hollywood in unprecedented ways, Disney said Tuesday that animation chief John Lasse..
It is only Tuesday and we’ve already seen bombshell reports about-----misconduct from veteran journalist Charlie Rose, New York Times reporter Glenn T..
You may have noticed that as this extremely depressing and never-ending “celebrity-----abuser” storyline plays out, there are at least a couple of pat..
Hammer's comments about Hollywood's apparent double standard comes at a time when the industry finds itself at a turning point, with women and men com..
John Lasseter, the chief creative officer of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, is taking a leave of absence, citing unspecified “missteps,” acc..
Very few people say, yeah, I did it. Louis C.K. Said I did it. Al Franken said, yeah, I took that picture. The comedians. Donald Trump, there was vide..
We're living in a cultural moment that finally takes accusations of-----harassment and abuse seriously, and as such, we've been reading a lot of publi..
Charlie Rose, host of "Charlie Rose" and "CBS This Morning," has been accused by multiple women of unwanted-----advances. (Jenny Starrs/The Washington..
Hollywood executive and producer Adam Fields has been accused of-----harassing several women while he was working at Relativity Media from 2010 to 201..
Veteran broadcaster Charlie Rose was suspended by CBS News on Monday following a Washington Post report that he-----harassed eight women who worked on..
Hammer's comments about Hollywood's apparent double standard comes at a time when the industry finds itself at a turning point, with women and men com..
How do you solve a problem like Maura Pfefferman? You don't, you just recast her with a transgender actress. Even before series star Jeffrey Tambor's ..
HBO’s Night of Too Many Stars, a live benefit that supports programs that aid people with autism, lived up to its name, using its star-studded line-up..
Tig Notaro joined fellow comic and actress Michaela Watkins on stage for her talk show, “The Turning Point w/ Tig Notaro,” on Sunday at the Hollywood ..
“How do women still go out with guys, when you realize there is no bigger threat to women than men?” – Louis C.K. This was the wrong thought to lead w..
A man walks into a conference room, where two women are planning the company’s booth at an upcoming trade show. (Sit tight, this is eventually going t..
After publishing several of Ronan Farrow’s investigative features on-----harassment and abuse in Hollywood this fall, the New Yorker is returning to t..
As the list of Hollywood power players accused of-----misconduct grows longer, three THR critics discuss the challenges of thinking and writing about ..
Earlier this week, Sarah Silverman gave a speech on her Hulu show I Love You, America, addressing the-----harassment scandal surrounding her longtime ..
Tig Notaro firmly and publicly distanced herself from Louis C.K., exec producer of her Amazon show One Mississippi, following multiple allegations of ..
Despite the cold, rainy weather in New York on Saturday evening, a crowd of over 2,000 people gathered for Jon Stewart‘s annual “Night of Too Many Sta..
In this edition of TV Bits:   I’ve never seen Divorce, but someone is clearly watching the HBO series, because season 2 is coming. Sarah Jessica Parke..
The semi-annual Night Of Too Many Stars benefit to raise money in the battle against autism didn’t ignore other major problems, including the current ..
The Times' report out today revealed that it wasn't just Ratner who was allegedly-----assaulting and harassing women, as were the allegations we'd kno..
Former Saturday Night Live star turned Minnesota senator, Al Franken, was accused this week of groping a TV host and kissing her without her consent. ..
After labeling four-time host Louis C.K. a “sex monster” during the Nov. 11 edition of Weekend Update, Saturday Night Live this weekend turned its att..
Jost kicked off the segment by noting that Thursday is Thanksgiving, and there is a lot to be thankful for — “unless you’re a human woman.” Though pho..
Jon Stewart on Saturday night called on a few famous friends for a very worthy cause. Night of Too Many Stars brought out a bevy of Daily Show alumni,..
Back when Mike Schur was writing for Saturday Night Live–a gig that ran from 1997-2004–he says he became aware of some issues with Kevin Spacey’s beha..
Add Harvey Weinstein as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Harvey Weinstein news, video, and analysis from ABC News. Since The New York Time..
“We shouldn’t close it off and say, ‘To hell with him, rot, and go away from us for the rest of your life.’ Let’s not do that. Let’s be bigger than th..
NEW YORK (AP) — Since The New York Times published allegations of-----harassment and assault against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in October, mult..
Something is in the air. Something electric and powerful and raw, born of frustration and anger and that special purpose that comes from feeling power..
We're in the midst of a unique moment in modern history. Women are speaking up about the mistreatment they've suffered at the hands of powerful men – ..
The new guy is suddenly very chatty about-----misconduct tweeting the Al Franken picture is really bad. Notice he misspelled Frankenstein. Where do hi..
The husband and wife sat on the hill overlooking the dirt parking lot, watching cars crunch up the unpaved road into Red Butte Canyon. Authorities say..
“Can you get to 35 Oxford immediately, please? 35 Oxford. Some people have been shot.” The 911 call to the Dayton Police Department in Ohio on Aug. 10..
On her Hulu show “I Love You, America” on Thursday, comedian Sarah Silverman bluntly asked: “Can you love someone who did bad things?” She was speakin..
Sarah Silverman has officially broken her silence over the allegations that her friend Louis C.K. masturbated in front of women without their consent...
The comedy world turned on one of their own Thursday, as almost every late-night host railed against Minnesota Senator Al Franken after he was accused..
Ben Affleck appeared on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote the film Justice League, where Colbert directly asked Affleck about the aftermat..
In a pair of tweets, President Donald Trump waded into the sexual-harassment scandal surrounding Sen. Al Franken on Thursday (Nov. 16). Leeann Tweeden..
Calling the women “the beating heart and light of this show,” Austen went on to say, “To all who shook off the years of manipulation, intimidation, an..