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Everyone knows what it feels like to have consciousness: it's that self-evident sense of personal awareness, which gives us a feeling of ownership and..
A new study has found that schizophrenia could originate as early as the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, which means we might be able to eventually treat..
The gnashers inside your mouth may well have originated as fish scales, according to new research that found the same type of cells that human teeth h..
A new study has analysed how different types of alcohol cause different emotional responses in both men and women. The study by BMJ Open questioned al..
Neutrinos are one of the most plentiful particles out there, as trillions pass through you every second. But they're incredibly hard to work with. The..
(Newser) – Her collection of ancient artifacts, worth more than $750,000, includes a Roman dagger, Neolithic ax heads, a mummy mask, and a crucifix fr..
After last month’s deadly Northern California wildfires, atmospheric scientist Cliff Mass scanned old weather forecasts, searching for clues. In two h..
It's not every day that an asteroid from outside the Solar System comes whizzing past your front door. In fact, it's only ever happened once that we'v..
We can all appreciate the myriad deals and savings that come during Black Friday season, but the sheer number of discounts can feel a bit overwhelming..
When the parents of Sally Le Page, a British evolutionary biologist, tried to get help from their local water company with installing a new pipe, they..
For the first time, scientists have been able to observe something amazing: the evolution of a completely new species, in the wild, in real-time. And ..
Rebecca Bendick would like you to not panic. The University of Montana geophysicist knows you may have read the articles warning about "swarms of deva..
Traditionally, most spying and intelligence gathering has been done by highly trained human operatives. But the US military has a plan to enlist a sma..
Detecting skin cancer early isn't easy. Currently, it's done through visual inspections or biopsies, but some doctors may not pick up on the disease u..
Elon Musk will get paid for building the world's largest lithium ion battery in South Australia, with testing on the 100-megawatt project about to beg..
Tesla has completed construction of a massive 100 megawatt, 129 MWh battery installation in South Australia. The new facility boasts the largest megaw..
(Newser) – No matter how busy the holiday travel season, you're pretty much guaranteed to have a smoother flight than the unfortunate turkeys involved..
When it comes to engineering the fickle emotions of humans, alcohol can do it all. It’s raised for successes and downed in sorrow. It can energize and..
This photo combo shows images of Calgary, Alberta taken from the International Space Station on Dec. 23, 2010, left, where residential areas are mainl..
Contrary to what you may have heard, there is actually a way to mend a broken heart - but the solution might not be entirely what you're expecting. Sc..
A 70-year-old patient who presented with cancer-like symptoms turns out to have been harbouring something even weirder: a fungal infection that may ha..
Costa Rica has done it again. In January, the Central American country announced it had powered its electricity for a stunning 250 days in 2016 withou..
A previously unknown tarantula discovered in the forests of Guyana in South America is absolutely stunning - its legs and body are a shimmering electr..
If this past year or two has made anything abundantly clear, it is that the information we rabidly consume isn't always as factual or reliable as we m..
We're on the verge of creating autonomous weapons that can kill without any help from humans. Thousands of experts are concerned about this - and the ..
(Newser) – The countdown to launch creeps closer and there's still plenty for self-taught rocket scientist "Mad" Mike Hughes to do: Last-second modifi..
Earth is losing its darkness. A new study using satellite data finds that artificially lit surfaces around the world are spreading and growing brighte..
(Newser) – The desired mood of your Thanksgiving meal should determine what type of alcohol you serve: red wine for a sleepy, relaxed atmosphere or sp..
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The world is getting brighter, but scientists say that may not be a good thing. FILE PHOTO: A nighttime view of Europe made pos..
For the first time, scientists have witnessed lightning triggering nuclear reactions in the atmosphere, confirming a hypothesis dating back almost a c..
Dementia strikes many people as they age, and there's currently not much we can do about it. It would be nice to think that there could be a fix to st..
(Newser) – Per the currently accepted narrative, the first bullet to hit John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, wasn't the one that fatally injured him. It..
A little more than a month ago, an interstellar visitor now known as 'Oumuamua passed within 24 million kilometers of Earth. It is now moving rapidly ..
A small pilot study hints that a startling number of Vietnam veterans may be infected with a liver parasite that can induce a rare type of cancer, the..
(Newser) – Just as the tobacco industry aimed to quash evidence of health risks linked to smoking, a new paper claims the Sugar Research Foundation de..
Mars clearly had extensive water in the past, and there's still plenty of it locked up as ice in glaciers and the polar ice caps. But the atmosphere i..
If you don't have a lot of friends on social media, it may mean that you are just a little less concerned with material possessions in your everyday l..
By now, everyone's heard about the meteoric rise of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency smashed a record-breaking US$8,200 on November 20, with many predictin..
Many humans have gone way too far in their need to have squeaky clean, completely germ-free hands at all times. And while alcohol-based hand sanitiser..
After weeks of silence and denials, Russia has confirmed that it too has detected evidence of a mysterious radiation cloud floating above much of Euro..
It may be lacking a head, but a skeleton found on a ----- in Siberia is still one of the most complete of its kind. The massive bones unearthed on an ..
The researcher who conducted a controversial 2016 herpes vaccine trial on the island of St. Kitts without federal safety oversight had secretly begun ..
New evidence shows the sugar industry suppressed scientific research that linked sugar to heart disease and bladder cancer in rats. The Sugar Research..
Ten out of 12 water utilities in the United Kingdom admitted that their technicians use divining rods to find underground leaks or water pipes, accord..
Seeking to prove that a conspiracy of astronauts fabricated the shape of Earth, a California man intends to launch himself 1,800 feet (549 metres) hig..
Stroke treatments have been a tough nut to crack. So, naturally, scientists have turned to squirrels for inspiration. In the latest cache of data, res..
When it comes to signs of flowing water on Mars, planetary scientists might be getting left high and dry. New research reveals that mysterious dark st..
For girls navigating the straits of adolescence and young adulthood, there are new signs of serious emotional trouble. From 2009 to 2015, the nation’s..
My first experience with a hologram was, like so many other people's, completely fictional: a small, blue figure projected from R2-D2 in the original ..
(Newser) – Houston, we have a visitor—and astronomers think there could be 10,000 more just like it "lurking" in wait, as the Guardian puts it. Meet 1..