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Following last week's NAACP Image Awards, color was the red-carpet theme at the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles. Altho..
Paradise lost. This could be the starting point for the inspiration behind the Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition collection for 2018, to be presented i..
The jewelry industry congregated Friday evening at Cipriani 42 Street to celebrate the annual GEM Awards, hosted by the Jewelers of America. The event..
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., leaves after meeting with a bipartisan group of senators, Monday Jan. 22, 2018, on Day Three of the government shutdown o..
Grace Potter’s 2018 is off to a very big start. The rocker who grew up in Waitsfield gave birth this month to her first child, a boy. Potter, who now ..
Photo: Running Press Mark April 26 on your calendar to hear great speakers and learn about interior design trends at the annual spring market at the D..
JEWELRY BOX: Fans of Aurélie Bidermann should check out the designer’s new fine jewelry store on Rue Royale. The charming pint-sized space was designe..
There’s a certain lore that surrounds Porsche – especially to its nomenclature. Names, numbers, and acronyms that wouldn’t mean anything to most of us..
WEATHER GIRLS: The persistent rain did not slow down the Dior couture show on Monday, with guests including Emily Blunt, Monica Bellucci, Willow Smith..
Elle has named Martin Hoops its new design director. “Martin is a seasoned professional who understands just how vital the typography and design of a ..
Activist investor Third Point continues to push for Nestlé to monetize its long-held stake in beauty giant L’Oréal. In a quarterly letter to sharehold..
A San Francisco Tesla owner has learned the hard way that Tesla's Autopilot feature does not excuse getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. On Sat..
Today, Amazon’s new grocery store concept, Amazon Go, first revealed nearly a year ago, is going live. The Seattle concept will supposedly be a revolu..
French beef stews - from wine country's Boeuf Bourguignon to southern France's Daube a la Provencale - get their unmistakable flavor from onions, red ..
While many states have legalized medical marijuana and some have even approved recreational pot, most federally regulated banks refuse to work with ca..
DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Six years ago, at age 67, I had my right hip replaced. I'd been feeling fine until about eight weeks ago, when it started to hurt to..
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Fresh from its debut at the Detroit Auto Show last week, the auction raised valuable funds for the Boys Republic, a private all-boys school for troubl..
Volkswagen has confirmed that its forthcoming all-electric I.D. hatchback will enter production in November 2019, just five months after the eighth-ge..
While developing the 2018 GMC Terrain, GM’s engineers spent over 300 hours in the wind tunnel, trying to make sure that every surface was as aerodynam..
There’s virtually no end to the impressive stats surrounding the Bugatti Chiron. The brakes may seem the least of them, but make no mistake about it: ..
Tesla wants to leave its mark on heavy-duty transportation with a fully-electric semi that’s planned to go into production in 2019. The truck is curre..
We've always wondered what wine pairs with our #2 with extra bacon, cheese, and jalapenos. This week Whataburger enlisted a sommelier (a wine expert) ..
DOG DAYS ARE (NOT) OVER: Gucci is approaching Chinese New Year celebrations — which begin on Feb. 16 — by releasing a capsule collection dedicated to ..
TALENT SHOW: Kylie Minogue was buzzing from the positive feedback for her new single, “Dancing,” which dropped last Friday, she said at the Schiaparel..
DAY GIG: Patrick Gibson, who sat ront row at the Lanvin men’s show, is working on a photo diary of his fashion week experience, and plans to publish i..
PARIS — Chinese e-commerce giant has opened an office in Paris in order to recruit French brands. The e-tailer described the move as an “import..
Arthur Martinez’s work is done at Abercrombie & Fitch Co.The executive chairman will step down from his role at the end of the current fiscal year, wh..
The ability to track your sleep is a feature present in almost every fitness tracker on the market today. Pinpointing the different stages of sleep ga..
MILAN — The Ermenegildo Zegna Group-controlled ZECA company on Monday has acquired the historic “Cappellificio Cervo” hattery, following its liquidati..
The campaign is the latest in the evolution of Klein’s #MyCalvins call to action: Our Family. #MyCalvins. Photographed by ----- Vanderperre, the sibli..
Texworld USA returns to New York this week to present spring 2019 collections across the apparel fabric, trim and accessories sectors. The show will t..
When I was attending Portland State University in the late aughts, one of my fellow students took advantage of Detroit’s depressed housing market and ..
Even if you never went to Tallywackers, Dallas' now-defunct male version of Hooters, you likely know its story.  The restaurant, which we deemed the a..
Type R-ism has long been vacant in the American car world. Used but once before, on the holy Acura Integra Type R (sold as a Honda in Europe and Asia)..
Speedskater Maame Biney (MOM-ay BY-nee) of Reston, Virginia, blazes her way across the ice during the Winter Olympics trials last month. (She made the..
Dear Amy: I have three grandchildren who address me as “Mr.,” and not as “Grandpa.” Although it is true that I was not in their lives growing up, I wa..
The government may be shut down, but “Saturday Night Live” sketches about the president won’t be anytime soon. The NBC show kicked off this week’s epi..
“Oh, gosh. Oh, jeez.” Jude, my Instant Pot customer service representative, was flustered. I had called to ask — as anyone might — if it was okay to l..
I grew up a daddy’s girl. I dislike the term because of the infantile, and sometimes sexual, connotations it carries. But it’s shorthand for doted upo..
Last year, if you noticed more people cramming their bodies into St. Mark’s Square in Venice or jostling for a ride up the Eiffel Tower, you weren’t s..
A couple of years ago, Jen Walsh of Edgewood, Md., didn’t seem like a potential yoga instructor. Back spasms were hitting her daily and she couldn’t e..
Q: After our recent move, we discovered that a glass shelf in our Pennsylvania House china hutch had been scratched. Two local glass companies we cont..
The Smithsonian Institution’s Castle, pictured in 2015. The museum complex remains opens Monday, despite the federal government shutdown. (AP Photo/Ma..
Kid Rock’s Senate campaign turned out to be fake — and now, we learn so were some of his campaign promises (and we are shocked, shocked!). The Detroit..
Start with yoga, or with any desired physical activity that gets the body and the breath moving. Walk around the block, run, cycle, anything. Do any a..
Clockwise from top left: The crowd at Women’s March in Los Angeles, Viola Davis, Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty; Emma..
Robyn Tomlin, managing editor of the Dallas Morning News, has been chosen by McClatchy to become the first regional editor for the Carolinas. (Louis D..
Dear Amy: My husband and I are in our mid-50s. We were married four years ago. We are both highly educated professionals. My husband bought his parent..
Adapted from a recent online discussion. Hey, Carolyn: I’m in my mid-30s and in a relatively new, but so far amazing, relationship. In both a slightly..