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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A federal appeals court gave Texas more latitude Monday to enforce a “sanctuary cities” ban backed by the Trump administration, b..
It's becoming increasingly clear we're past the point where you could subscribe to just one or two streaming services and watch most of what you wante..
  Pop icon Debbie Gibson is currently competing on season 25 of Dancing with the Stars and blogging about her experience on the ABC reality dance comp..
Netflix is taking a 40,000-foot view in its next strategic initiative to expand access to the streaming service. Starting in 2018, the company will ex..
Araceli Herrera (center, arm raised) leads a chant Thursday August 31, 2017 in front of the John Wood Federal Courthouse on East Ceasar Chavez Bouleva..
Nearly half of Americans are unsure of the legality of bitcoin, a new study last week suggests, yet a loyal group of its advocates embrace it as a sym..
[The stream is slated to start at 2 p.m., ET. Please refresh the page if you do not see a player above at that time.] The Senate Finance Committee's h..
Please #TakeTheKnee. I don’t know why any NFL player would be reading my words, but if you are, unite around this cause — and heck, everyone, take a k..
Cosmetic patriotism always turned me off—as if by waving the nation’s flag big and proud, so everyone sees it, or by chanting U-S-A so the whole world..
The summer travel season is upon us and that means families will be hitting the road.  If you have children, then your trip will be nothing like your ..
I’ve never been afraid of the dark, and I’m known amongst my coworkers as a superb cockroach terminator, but there’s one major fear that holds me back..
These form-fitting headphones use algorithms to analyze your sleep and automatically adjust audio levels accordingly. The accompanying Kokoon app give..
The facial recognition technology in the new iPhone X is supposed to help people easily unlock the device, but it may be most helpful to crime show wr..
Wandering about the Independence Mall in Philadelphia a few weeks back, this was just one many inspirational quotes I saw from America’s forefathers. ..
Senate Republicans face a hard deadline of Sept. 30. After that, they lose the ability to pass repeal with just 50 votes, with Vice President Mike Pen..
Maud Dahme was only four in 1940 when the Netherlands, where she lived with her family, was invaded by the Nazis. She was six years old when she went ..
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) says that he and a fellow conservative senator are inclined to oppose a new bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, making it ..
Donald Trump still seems to think he can govern by decree. His latest demand, that professional sports franchises fire players who protest racism by r..
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump on Sunday slapped new travel restrictions on citizens from North Korea, Venezuela and Chad, expanding th..
A top Trump administration official ended up conceding on Sunday that individuals with pre-existing medical conditions might end up with higher premiu..
Theoretically, we still live in a republic, but the question is: Who exactly represents whom in Washington? By now, I think we can take a reasonable g..
Based on initial inspection, the new bill is a lot like the original bill, which would have decimated existing federal health programs, reduced govern..
Equifax is one of the “big three” credit reporting agencies (CRAs). Lenders, insurers, and utility companies rely on its data to make decisions to giv..
Sales associates at Macy’s flagship store in New York City’s Herald Square were told to “look out for” or “not sell to” customers of Asian descent, fo..
When people think of social anxiety, many imagine a shy introvert who doesn’t go out and doesn’t say much. While this version of social anxiety exists..
And just like in regular folks, that anxiety can get out of control and become a bigger problem. “Mental-health professionals are not immune to having..
(Reuters Health) - People who sleep poorly may be more likely to develop a chronic pain condition and have worse physical health, a study from the UK ..
It all started when Facing Addiction, a nonprofit group that advocates for people struggling with addiction, received a grant from Google. This grant ..
The answer is probably yes. Most health care professionals would tell you to throw out your pack of cigarettes and consider using one of several nicot..
Now that hurricanes Harvey and Irma have subsided, cities in Texas and Florida are grappling with public health emergencies in the form of a toxic sou..
Okay, this book was written quickly and in a state of serious stress. Breathing exercises can be helpful in depression and anxiety, and I don’t think ..
In a unique and vivid experiment, researchers from The Ohio State University found that children who recently watched gun violence in movies were almo..
The actor and comedian has six sons ― 35-year-old Homer, 32-year-old Luke, 24-year-old Cal, 21-year-old Jackson, 20-year-old Cooper and 16-year-old Li..
Fan service alone cannot sustain a series for more than a season, so “Fuller House” has taken a cue from its Netflix brothers and sisters and committe..
During October’s-----cancer awareness month, survivors and activist often come together to discuss prevention and early detection. But if Eva Longoria..
BOSCAWEN, N.H. (AP) — Jason Dickey was buried with a note from his mother tucked in his hands. “I hadn’t heard from you that you were in pain,” Jason’..
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia University has established a center to examine the future of land-grant institutions like WVU, which was establ..
EAST CHICAGO, Ind. (AP) — The FBI has released a sketch and description of a person of interest in a pipe bomb explosion at a post office in northwest..
As it turns out, executive producer David Shore knows how to make exactly one kind of show. Sure, there’s the odd Sneaky Pete or miniseries like Houdi..
Divinity: Original Sin 2 has a mode that lets players design their own Dungeons & Dragons-esque adventure inside the role-playing game, and in case yo..
* TripAdvisor is the ultimate review website with hundreds of opinions on destinations worldwide * You can now also book holiday rentals directly on T..
LeBron James clapped back at President Donald Trump yet again during a press conference on Sept. 25, claiming that he REFUSES to let him use sports to..
Republican Senators Thom Tillis, James Lankford and Orrin Hatch unveiled their latest immigration reform effort, a first step toward fixing the Deferr..
A Russian-language network of Twitter bots tried to boost claims of voter fraud going into Germany's national elections on Sept. 24. Those elections s..
Microsoft is bolstering Microsoft Teams to better challenge Slack in the battle of the collaborative, chatty workplace apps.  For starters, Teams will..
“Has your fiancé met your television husband?” DeGeneres asked, gesturing at Ventimiglia, 40. “Yes,” Moore, 33, replied. “He’s met the whole cast. And..
Auston Matthews admittedly is not a very political 20-year-old. However, as a young, star American-born player, it was only a matter of time before th..
The Latest on tropical weather (all times local): 2 p.m. Hurricane Maria is continuing its northward crawl over the Atlantic, well offshore of the U.S..
Only one thing is certain for insurance shoppers if the latest attempt to replace former President Barack Obama's health care law succeeds: Uncertaint..
NEW ORLEANS — A federal appeals court has partially lifted a judge's order that blocked much of a Texas law targeting "sanctuary cities." Monday's rul..