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They say young people don’t care about cars anymore. They say the culture is dying. They say human driving doesn’t even have a future. You, the Jalopn..
Broadcast television paywalls: The final frontier. This is my three-day mission, to seek out new entertainment and payment options and to boldly do wh..
"Alexa, play 'Rocket Man.'" In a Tuesday press release Amazon announced its trusty AI Alexa is now available in the Amazon Music app in the United Sta..
They say young people don’t care about cars anymore. They say the culture is dying. They say human driving doesn’t even have a future. You, the Jalopn..
Gilmore Girls fans worried that Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino’s new multi-year Amazon Studios deal all but sticks a fork in a second Netflix..
Chinese streaming video service iQiyi, which is owned by the internet giant Baidu, is planning an initial public offering in the U.S. next year, accor..
ABC is looking to reboot history. The network is teaming with Power creator Courtney Kemp, Debra Martin Chase (The Princess Diaries) and Vin Diesel to..
When I first saw When Harry Met Sally the summer after middle school, I thought it was revolutionary. No romantic comedy I’d seen before was so frank,..
TV network execs likely aren’t losing sleep over any serious ratings drop because of Amazon’s blitz into pro football: This week, the e-commerce kingp..
“You know they don’t take kind to all types of people coming into Eastern Kentucky.” That was the warning a friend gave to Rodrick Rhodes when Rhodes ..
Workplace — Facebook’s bid to take on the Slack, Microsoft and the rest of the players in the market of business chat and collaboration — is getting a..
In a post-Juicero world, the bar has been set high for any piece of smart kitchen hardware that only makes one type of food. Enter Yomee, which bills ..
The Vespa software solves a common but surprisingly difficult problem: quickly figuring out what to show a user in response to input, like when they t..
Amazon's recent $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods won't really change brick-and-mortar retail, billionaire real estate investor Sam Zell told C..
Samsung’s quantum dot-powered Q7 TV isn’t exactly easy on the bank account, but it would be a stunning upgrade to your home theater, and you can save ..
Melina Matsoukas, best known as the go-to director for Beyoncé and Issa Rae’s Insecure, will helm Amazon Studios’ A Brief History of Seven Killings, b..
Alibaba Group is taking a majority stake in an affiliated logistics company and is set to invest another $15.2 billion in expanding its global deliver..
Twitter TV—it's here, sort of. The world's most stressful social network has signed a flurry of deals for live video in recent months, bringing origin..
In a Barnes & Noble company meeting CEO Len Riggio told shareholders that Nook was out of the technology business. According to Publisher’s Weekly, “R..
Amazon Prime launches its new horror anthology series “Lore,” adapted from the true-history horror podcast of the same name, in mid-October, in plenty..
Twitch, best known for broadcasting people playing video games, plans to showcase something a little different on Tuesday, Sept. 26: a civics lesson. ..
If Alexa can make it a cinch to find songs on Amazon's screen-less Echo speakers, then it can also work its magic on the retail giant's Music app. The..
Food clips may be more popular online, yet this latest deal is more proof that social media's pivot to video still banks heavily on sports. Both Faceb..
Michelle Gass is stepping up to the corner office at Kohl’s Corp. — ushering in a new era at the $18.7 billion retailer that is reinventing for the di..
We live in a day and age where having spotty Wi-Fi at your home is simply inexcusable. Wireless router technology in general has improved dramatically..
In the years since its release, Apple TV has often lagged behind competitors, seemingly forgotten by Apple in favor of phones, computers, and even wat..
* Stream the most popular channels from one place * Try out channels free for 30 days * A huge variety of on-demand content from nature shows to class..
NBC is taking a page from its Must See TV heyday with Thursday's revival of Will & Grace. More than a decade after the 16-time Emmy-winning sitcom wra..
Apologies in advance to Cleveland Browns fans, but NFL highlights are now on Facebook. The social network just inked a deal to bring highlights from a..
The Trump administration will announce Tuesday in Detroit that Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other companies are committing over $300 million toward..
Amazon announced Tuesday that its virtual assistant Alexa has a new home in the Amazon Music app. Now, users of the Android and iOS Amazon Music apps ..
Facebook and the NFL this morning announced a new multi-year programming deal that will see the sports organization distributing official NFL video, i..
Amazon today is bringing Alexa to the Amazon Music app on iOS and Android, allowing listeners to use voice controls with their music. The feature is a..
Thai space startup mu Space will launch its first geostationary satellite with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, the companies announced today at the Internati..
Kohl's Chairman and CEO Kevin Mansell will retire in May 2018, having served 35 years with the department store chain, the company announced Tuesday. ..
* Golf can help promote better health and relieve stress * Doesn’t take a fortune to start golfing – decent clubs are reasonably priced * Great sport ..
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union’s plans to increase taxes on digital firms risks undermining the bloc’s growth and stifle global efforts to fi..
If you drive around without a dash cam in your car these days, you’re just plain crazy. You might as well set a pile of cash on fire. If you’re in an ..
Streaming your favorite shows on a spotty internet connection can be quite the nuisance – but it doesn’t have to be. There is a handy app that lets yo..
Once you go solid state you can't go back. But there are so many on the market how do you know what the best SSD deal is? That's where we come in. Whe..
Pete cocked his head and fixed his sharp eyes on the people gathered to watch him. The blue-crowned mealy Amazon parrot had been through a lot in his ..
IAC-owned Vimeo is diving into live-streaming internet video with a one-two punch. Vimeo has reached an agreement to acquire Livestream, a professiona..
After abandoning its plans to launch a subscription video-on-demand business earlier this year, IAC-owned streaming video site Vimeo announced today t..
In today's tech sites ordering hot food from Amazon getting online retailer will soon be delivering orders from chipotle five guys and shake shack amo..
Who’s ready for a great new book? When I Grow Up, written by Jessica McEachern and with illustrations by Italian-born, award-winning artist Andrea Ale..
From 1932 to 1968, hundreds of tonnes of mercury seeped into the clear waters of Minamata Bay, Japan, causing health and environmental problems still ..
Who needs a new Mega Man game when there is a life-sized Mega Man you can hold while wondering what the heck Capcom is up to? Okay, maybe we need a ne..
Large-cap technology shares including the FANG basket crushed the market this year and drove hedge fund performance. But with the technology stalwarts..
Wall Street legend Byron Wien doesn't find technology's bearish start to the week disturbing. In fact, it's his leading sector pick. When it comes to ..
White House aides insist that the lack of policy detail is sometimes strategic — though they acknowledge that President Donald Trump sees himself as a..