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If you’re a candidate for in vitro fertilization (IVF), you’ve probably learned a lot of new information before making the decision, and that likely i..
In the study, researchers presented babies with a challenge to activate a musical toy box. Babies who had just witnessed an adult struggle with a diff..
When people think of social anxiety, many imagine a shy introvert who doesn’t go out and doesn’t say much. While this version of social anxiety exists..
And just like in regular folks, that anxiety can get out of control and become a bigger problem. “Mental-health professionals are not immune to having..
(Reuters Health) - People who sleep poorly may be more likely to develop a chronic pain condition and have worse physical health, a study from the UK ..
It is relatively early on a summer evening, just after sunset. From my bed, I notice a shadow of a spindly branch dancing across the corner of the bed..
It all started when Facing Addiction, a nonprofit group that advocates for people struggling with addiction, received a grant from Google. This grant ..
The answer is probably yes. Most health care professionals would tell you to throw out your pack of cigarettes and consider using one of several nicot..
Now that hurricanes Harvey and Irma have subsided, cities in Texas and Florida are grappling with public health emergencies in the form of a toxic sou..
Okay, this book was written quickly and in a state of serious stress. Breathing exercises can be helpful in depression and anxiety, and I don’t think ..
A recent study published in the journal Veterinary Record found that animal owners experience increased stress, anxiety and depression when furry frie..
In a unique and vivid experiment, researchers from The Ohio State University found that children who recently watched gun violence in movies were almo..
French researchers say they restored some signs of consciousness in a brain-injured man who hadn't shown any awareness in 15 years. During months of e..
Trump also said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is the sole reason for the inability of the Republican-controlled Senate to pass health-care reform legisla..
(Reuters Health) - Boys who start playing American football before their 12th birthday may be at sharply increased risk of behavioral and mood problem..
(Reuters) - Intellipharmaceutics International Inc, said on Monday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declined to approve its opioid painkill..
FILE PHOTO - A view shows the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland August 14, 2012. REUTERS/Jason Reed/File..
(Reuters) - Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc said its liver drug, Ocaliva, could carry a boxed warning to help ensure proper dosing but does not expect t..
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican senators tried to gather more support on Monday for a last-ditch attempt to repeal Obamacare by revising funding pro..
Sleep disorders and sleep deficiency are hidden costs that affect employers across America. Seventy percent of Americans admit that they routinely get..
Universal screening of newborns for hearing loss before they leave the hospital is not enough to improve language skills of children who are deaf and ..
A new study published in Alcohol and Alcoholism finds that mice bred to consume high amounts of alcohol, but controlled by diet, did not necessarily d..
A new survey finds ----- cancer patients' actual radiation therapy experiences largely exceeded their expectations. The survey, which addressed the f..
Researchers from the McGill Group for Suicide Studies, based at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and McGill University's Department of P..
A phase 3 study of children ages 6-12 years with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has shown that a delayed-release, long-acting formula..
There is no association between prehospital advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) and survival to hospital discharge in patients suffering from out-of-..
Associate Professor Franklin West and Emily Baker working with induced pluripotent stem cells generated from a patient's own somatic cells. Credit: An..
Radiotherapy treatment for lung cancer could have a negative effect on the health of your heart new research has found. Scientists from The University..
Findings from a new multicenter, international clinical trial confirm the effectiveness of high-dose brachytherapy, or internal radiation therapy, for..
Researchers assessed depression in 400 patients treated for cancer between 2013 and 2016 at University Hospital Cancer Center, in Newark, N.J. They we..
(HealthDay)—Actress Angelina Jolie's decision to undergo ----- removal to reduce her risk of ----- cancer has led other women to do so, a new study ..

Putting wine on a diet

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As with everything you eat and drink, it comes down to portion size. The key is limiting yourself to one 5-ounce serving a day if you're a woman, two ..
The author of a new book argues that what you feed your gut, which he calls your "second brain," can have an effect on your mood, your weight and your..
U.S. Sen. John McCain says doctors have given him a "very, very serious prognosis" as he battles brain cancer. "Some say 3 percent, some say 14 percen..
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. senators made a last-ditch effort on Monday to secure support for the latest Republican attempt to repeal former President..
PARIS (Reuters) - France is open to phasing out common weedkiller glyphosate, the government said on Monday, following complaints from farmers worried..
LONDON (Reuters) - PureTech subsidiary Gelesis is moving closer to filing for regulatory approval of its obesity treatment Gelesis100 after results of..
(Reuters) - Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Monday an update to the label of its liver drug, Ocaliva, could include a boxed warning to help ensu..
By performing large-scale proteomics analysis of liver proteins, ETH researchers have discovered a protein that is essential for liver regeneration. T..
A study led by a team at Keele University has found that when one partner of a couple consults their GP about depression or anxiety, the other partner..
Flickering hopes to repeal Obamacare this year rest on a simple Republican argument: By the virtues of federalism, states will do it better than Washi..
Living lactic acid bacteria, probiotics, can change the intestinal flora of patients with cancer of the colon. These are the findings of a study publi..
As the Australian ----- marriage debate heats up it may be time for cool reflection on the sources of our polarised views. Recent research shines a..
Radiotherapy treatment for lung cancer could have a negative effect on the health of your heart new research has found. Scientists from The University..
Flu season and more importantly, flu shot season is here. It's common knowledge that the flu vaccine prevents the misery of influenza and helps protec..
Scientists at the University's School of Sport and Exercise Sciences (SSES) have discovered that cyclists can perform better when they do not have to ..
(Newser) – Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham aren't giving up on their bill to repeal ObamaCare. They plan to release a revised version Monday that dire..
A parasitic worm was found wriggling in the eyeball of a teenager in Mexico. The nematode was removed but it has already caused serious eye damage. Ho..
Travelers were warned that some bottles of 7Up were tampered and contaminated with methamphetamine in Mexico. Should consumers in the United States al..
(Reuters) - Intellipharmaceutics International Inc said on Monday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declined to approve its long-acting opio..